For Parents

Miss School .... Miss Out!

California State law requires that every child attend school unless they are ill or have another excused absence. Every day that a student is absent for any reason is a day of education lost.

Student performance and positive attendance go hand in hand. Whenever you miss school, your parent/guardian needs to call 441-2470, and give your name, reason for your absence, and the date of the absence. If no one calls, you must bring a written explanation for the absence to the office when you return to school. Any unverified absence will be recorded as a truant. Absences not cleared within three days will be marked as truant. The State Department of Education mandates how we define "Excused" and "Unexcused" absences. They further mandate that parent/guardians receive notice through a "Notice of Truancy" if your child had either three days of "unexcused absences" or tardies in excess of 30 minutes or more on three days. Examples of excused absences are personal illness, religious holidays, serious illness or death in immediate family, medical appointments, and court hearings. Examples of unexcused absences and tardies include missing the bus, car trouble, birthday celebrations, family trips, babysitting, and shopping. Students with a history of poor attendance and/or absences totaling 10% of the year or greater may be referred to SARB.

Missed Assignments
Students are expected to make up work missed due to excused absences. Teachers allow one day for each day of absence to make up missed work. If a student is expected to be absent for more than three consecutive days, parents may call the office to request homework. Assignments may be picked up in the office 24 hours after the initial request.

Closed Campus
Zane Middle School is a closed campus.
Once you arrive on campus in the morning, you must remain on campus all day. If you plan to leave school for any reason during the school day you must be signed out by a parent or guardian. Typical reasons for leaving school early include medical appointments, legal appointments, illness or injury. Students leaving campus without school office permission or a pass will be charged with truancy.

Power School
Parents/Guardians can access their students' grades and attendance information
on line through the Eureka City Schools website @ Power School for Parents. You can also access the daily Zane bulletin from the this site. Using your student's logon, you can access current grades, attendance, daily bulletins and teacher information. Pass codes are available at the school office. Anything written in blue can be clicked for additional information or to email teachers. Additional assistance is available in the Zane office or by calling 441-2470.

Cell Phones
Cell phones are not to be used and must be off and put away during school.
If your cell phone is out, we will assume you are using it and it will be confiscated, to be returned only to a parent or guardian.

Lunch on the Lawn
Please join us and eat lunch with your student the first Friday of each month starting at 12:35 PM. Spend time with them and meet their friends. It is a great way to have a positive school related interaction with your child.

It is never too late to become part of the Zane PTSA!
The PTSA provides support and guidance for school programs and events. You can sign up in the main office.

Zane Facebook Page
Stay up to date about the latest happenings at Zane by liking the Zane Facebook page.
Reminders of upcoming events and images of the great things going on at Zane can be found at

Thursdays are Zane Spirit Days
Thursdays are school spirit days where staff and students are encouraged to wear our school colors of red and gold.